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We are expanding our residential lawn mowing service in Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield, Northglenn, Arvada, Denver, Brighton, Henderson, and Erie Colorado.  Please call for a free quote or **refer a friend who needs their lawn mowed and you will recieve a $25.00 credit towards your services for refering them.  The referral must pay for their first month of mowing service before you recieve your credit.  Please Call 303-457-8300 or email les@coloradohappyroots for more information. 

Relax this summer, take more time to spend with your family.  Let Happy Roots serve you with our lawn mowing service. 
We offer weekly mowing service to residential and commercial properties in the North Denver Metro Suburbs.
Weekly service consists of mowing, trimming, edging and blowing off your sidewalks. 
Sign up for weekly mowing and recieve a proffesional looking lawn every week. 
We also offer a complete lawn care package that consists of a weekly mowing service along with aeration, fertilizing, weed control, shrub and tree pruning, sprinkler management, and anything else you need done, so you don't have to touch your yard.  You can just enjoy it all summer.

Mowing Prices:

Front lawns from $20 up.
Entire lawns from $25 up.

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Lawn Mowing Tips:
  • Keep a regular schedule and avoid cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass leaf.  If you cut too much off when you mow, the grass will turn yellow and be stressed out.
  • Sharpen your mowing blade 2-3 times per year.  This will ensure that your lawn mower is making a clean cut and not ripping the grass.  A clean cut improves asthetic apearance and helps prevent disease.
  • Change the direction of your mowing pattern every week.  Cross cutting your lawn will make it look better and will prevent the grass from being matted down due to rolling in the same ruts every week.
  • Optimal mowing height for Blue Grass is 2.5" to 3.0".  Mowing your lawn too short can create several problems like more weeds, higher water requirements, stressed out turf grass and a shallower root zone in most cases.
  • Edge your sidewalks and driveways to give your lawn that professional clean look.
  • Don't mow right after you fertilize with granular fertilizer.  The mower may suck up the fertililzer wasting the money and time you put into it.  Water the fertilizer in for a couple of days before mowing, or take the bag off and mulch the grass if you absolutely have to mow your lawn.
  • If you plan on spraying the weeds in your yard, spray them the day before you mow.  This will ensure that the weeds you are spraying will have a maximum amount of leaf surface to absorb the weed killer for the best results.

Happy Roots Mowing Customers
Susan H.
Thornton, CO
Happy Roots Services - Weekly Lawn Mowing, Aeration, Fertilizer Program, Sprikler Start-up, Blowout, yard clean-up and 1 Landscape Job.
-  This is my first house and Les at Happy Roots has not only kept my yard in shape, but patiently answered my many questions.  Happy Roots is reliable, flexible, and they do a beautiful job.  They always closed my gate when they were done so my dog didn't get out.  I am proud of my beautiful yard!

Tommy and Sabrina B.
Thornton, CO
Happy Roots Services - Weekly Lawn Mowing, Aeration, Fertilizer Program, Sprinkler Start-up, Repairs, and Blowout.
-  Happy Roots has been very punctual, and sensitive to our delicate garden area.  They are very professional, and pay attention to details like moving our rabbit exercise pen off of the grass in a pinch.

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